Nerve Spark is a blog that focuses on news, technology, culture, and politics. Founded in March 2014, we seek to inform and entertain youth through exposure to matters silly and serious, and to alternative points of views on contemporary affairs. We feature both original and curated syndicated content. The blog is administered and founded by Dennis Fan.



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The following is a list of Nerve Spark administrators, editors, and contributors. Their contact information is provided alongside their name.

Dennis FanDennis Fan (15)

Dennis is the founder of Neuron Magic and the administrator of Nerve Spark. A passionate progressive, his interests include entrepreneurship, technology, climate, equality, and philanthropy.

Brendan LauBrendan Lau (0)

Fascinated about the world, Brendan ventures to seeks out his passions and talents. Along with a plethora of things, Brendan is VP of Corporate Development at Neuron Magic and a dedicated columnist of Nerve Spark