Flower crowns. Flower crowns everywhere. Oh, and neon. Lots of neon. For two days each year, the biggest and best electronic dance music artists, or EDM as many call it, congregate in Toronto for a mega festival of lights, ravers and food.


The people are what make festivals fun. The wild costumes just hype up the crowd and give good vibes for all to enjoy their weekend. The typical outfit for any festival going female is obviously your faded and ripped jorts with that ever so unique flower crown. The dudes just stuck with the good ol’ tanktop and looked like every other person their. There was also the odd case of hardcore raver who sported beaded masks and pacifiers to just tell everybody “Hey look at me! I’m tripping!” From raving nuns to people in cowsuits, Digital Dreams was basically Halloween.



The artists definitely brought it all all to T.O. because the shows were crazy. Smoke machines, confetti cannons, robots shooting fire? You name it, Digital had it. On the first day, Carnage amped up the crowd during the afternoon with some fire blazing trap music and his “Chipotle gang” catchphrase. Day two, however, was where the real party was. Toronto was covered by clouds and there was a torrential downpour in the late evening just as Dash Berlin was about to come onstage. That didn’t stop him though. He put on one of the best shows of the weekend. The crowd was wild. Soaked to the bone, people kept on dancing to the insane drops (not the rain) of Dash Berlin. Tiesto finished off the night with his legendary performances. All of Toronto could hear this European DJ light up the city.



All in all, Digital Dreams was a festival that you’ll remember forever. If you didn’t get a chance to go, don’t worry because there’s always next year. There was one thing though that I still don’t quite get. All weekend I kept hearing the name of some mysterious girl whom everyone was talking about. “Molly” I think it was. I guess i’ll never know who Molly was and why she was so famous. Well, here is to the long future of Toronto Festivals and Digital Dreams 2014. See you next year.