If only love was a roller coaster that only went up and never came down. Alas, no such thing exists, and we humans must deal with the various cycles that come and go in our relationships. Autumn is what follows, once Spring and Summer have run their course.

The season of mist and fruitfulness is an interesting one, because it is a crossroad. While Spring was a time for exciting exploration and  Summer was a time of heated passion, Autumn is a time of complacency and comfortableness, but can also be a time of stagnation.  At this stage, you’ve experienced exhilarating highs and  deplorable lows and you feel as if there’s nothing new to discover. There are no more uncharted territories on this proverbial map of your relationship.

There are two things that’ll happen in this scenario. You’ll either do nothing and watch as your relationship slowly drifts  to the ground like an bright maple leaf twisting in the wind , or you can take control of the situation and turn back the hands of time. New words and new actions serve to bring new life to this relationship, one that looks deceivingly beautiful and vivacious but in reality, is dying. Much like Autumn itself. Your relationship at this point is much like a tree. The ornaments of your relationship are still hanging on like the colourful leaves on outstretched branches. From an outsider’s perspective, the two of you seem like you’re still going strong but unbeknownst to them, the vitality is slowly seeping away. If neither party takes any action, even those ornaments will remain no longer, leaving only a husk of what was once beautiful.

Everyone will eventually arrive here, but not everyone will take the same path when leaving. There are the ones who can make Autumn a beautiful twilight, a twilight that leads them back to the start of the cycle once more. But then there are the ones who make Autumn the gateway to Winter. They give up on the relationship for a variety of reasons. Could be that they just can’t find any motivation to change anything. Could be that they can’t stand commitment. Could be any number of things. What is clear, is that Autumn is a pivotal stage in the continuation of a relationship. Leaves are falling and drifting away, be careful not to let your love drift away as well.