We all know the arguments that arise when it comes to who you would choose to be in your All-Time NBA starting line-up. It’s always going to be a tough-call, and there is nothing that can ever be said to definitively pick out who would be in such a line-up. Magic or Stockton? Jordan or Bryant? O’Neal or Olajuwon?

Well recently, a fun little game has been passed around the Internet, making this debate even more interesting than it already is.

You are the GM, and at your disposal are 15 dollars. With these 15 dollars, you have to choose who is going to be in your All-Time NBA starting line-up. Sacrifices will have to be made. Names will have to be cut.

This is Nerve Spark’s team:

PG: Magic Johnson ($5)

SG: Jerry West ($3)

SF: Scottie Pippen ($1)

PF: Tim Duncan ($3)

C: Wilt Chamberlain ($3)

Who will you be spending your $15 on?

Post your lineups in the comments below, and feel free to tell us why yours is superior. We know you’ll do it anyways.