Minimalistic. Functional. Aesthetically pleasing. Just a few words to describe some of the products by Tyler Pratt. Out of his numerous products, my favourites are without a doubt the Vestige wallet and the Timbre speaker.

The Vestige card carrier  is just so sleek and fashionable for the price of twenty dollars. It was designed to be a littler lighter than your run of the mill, beaten up, bulky wallet and is meant for the bare essentials; debit, credit, identification, some bills, and your house key.
Vestige Carrier

Timbre is another minimalistic design by Tyler Pratt Industrial Design for only sixty dollars. Locally crafted from black walnut wood, Timbre is both small enough to carry around in your knapsack, while elegant enough to leave atop your work desk. The beauty about the wood construction allows for less vibration than other speakers for better sound at higher volume. Timbre uses your iPhone’s existing speaker and simply amplifies it up to twenty decibels, thus eliminating the need for batteries or charging an external speaker. The sound waves from an iPhone are captured by a wooden crafted diaphragm, and the resonation of sound within the diaphragm amplifies the sounds out of the perforated air-gate, creating stellar acoustics and a rich sound. The combination of an electricity lacking amplifier and a wood finish adds a vintage feel.

Timbre Amplifier        Timbre Design

Some of his other products include a portable magnetic speaker, wooden square coat hooks and a modern functional bird house. I had the opportunity to chat with the man behind the products, Tyler Pratt himself, and ask him a few questions.

Q: What are some future plans and ideas for Tyler Pratt Designs?

A: “I have a few ideas in the works for the future. I will continue to work on managing a “Tyler Pratt Industrial Design” product line. I hope to be adding a new crowdfunded product titled Mosaic to the line soon (a teaser video can be found on the TPID facebook page). I also hope to dramatically expand the consulting and freelancing portion of the company.”

Q: What advice do you have for young, aspiring designers?

A: “Work your ass off, and put yourself in situations that will enable you for success. It requires a lot of forward thinking, a lot of elbow grease, and a serious amount of friends and family and industry contacts to help and support you.”

Q: Can you tell me about some of the more special materials you choose to work with?

A: “I have chosen to work a lot with Black Walnut wood. Its a strong, rich and dark hardwood that is native to North America. I love the look feel and grain structure of walnut and, since it is domestic, it can be easily sourced and worked with.”

Tyler Pratt is a Canadian industrial designer and a  graduate from Carleton University. In addition to working as a design consultant for multiple clients, he recently founded his own business, Tyler Pratt Industrial Design. Tyler is also a successful sponsored athlete, racing downhill mountain bikes across Canada. For more information on his products and how to purchase, you can visit: