Summer. Fall. Winter. Spring.

Love has a cycle of seasons, akin to the rotations that Earth has along its axis and Love’s seasons have their own characteristics and traits, reflected in the ones found in each season on Earth.

And from Spring, it turns to Summer. Oh the heat, the light, the passion. If Spring is a bud, then Summer is a gorgeous flower in bloom. You’re at that stage where you and your infatuate are in the throes of your emotions. They dominate your every thought, dream, and waking moment. Your heart might of skipped a beat when you saw her in Spring, but now your heart palpitates when you think of her.

Each conversation has life, and every interaction is luminous. Whereas before, you were trying to open yourself up in order to develop an emotional bond with them, now it’s a matter of making sure you don’t start telling your entire life story in one sitting. Whereas before, they were a fascinating stranger and you were the curious onlooker, you now know them intimately well.  Fears, hopes, dreams. They’ve all been laid bare at this point, and you feel like you’ve never felt (and will never feel) this way ever again.

Your friends comment about how perfect the two of you are together, you finish each other’s sentences (and sandwiches), and there’s just this connection that the two of you have. When you try and explain how it’s going between the two of you, all you can really do is chuckle and shake your head. It’s indescribably incredible.

Your life is now divided into two segments: the moments when you are with that person, and the moments when you aren’t. When you’re with them, time slows down, mimicking the sort of feeling that a perfect summer day would have.  Languid, warm and comfortable. And all you want to do, is stay in that moment forever. When you’re not with them, well, it’s a simple question of waiting until the next opportunity comes around.

There’s an extra spring in your step when you walk. Your smile is just a bit bigger. Your eyes shine just a bit brighter. Not only does this person make you feel happy, you feel like this person has made you into a better human being. They push you to become the best version of yourself possible, and you unknowingly do the same.

Despite the warm endorphins that Summer gives you, this is a volatile season. You get the extremes from both sides of the spectrum. The good is fantastic. The bad is absolutely dreadful. Summer thunder storms can pop up in a blink of an eye, catching both of you by surprise. Stormy arguments, and thunderous rants are to be expected in a Summer forecast. Thankfully, these storms blow themselves out just as quickly as they appear and even after some of your biggest arguments, the two of you always manage to come back together. Making up over a cup of coffee, a quick unexpected hug, unspoken apologies and spoken ones, you feel like you guys are invincible. Taking on the world as a dynamic duo, there’s no way this will ever come to end. No way. Right?

At some point, you’ll reach a stage where you are just content. Basking in the metaphorical glow of a summer sunset, you’ll live life in ease, happy to  just drift along in this emotional nirvana.

Image Credit: Gonzalo Iza. Flickr. Creative Commons Generic 2.0.