Summer. Fall. Winter. Spring.

Much like how the Earth has a cycle of seasons, love also has its own cycle of seasons. Each season comes with its own characteristics. Those characteristics, are reflective of the stages that we all go through in our own little struggles with love. It’s interesting to see how the Earth’s rotations around the Sun has anything to do with that person you’ve been fancying.

It starts with Spring. Oh what a ‘lovely’ time it is for l’amour, for this is when the flirtatious advances between you and your crush begin. You’ve just left the cold, dead, isolated environment of Winter and you’ve almost` forgotten what affection feels like.


But once you introduce yourself to this lovely, new and interesting person, the once-foreign feeling of affection begins to feel familiar again. However, Spring doesn’t start immediately. No, it’s a slow and gradual process. You might start by messaging them on Facebook. Saying a couple words in person. Bumping into each other at social events with your own group of friends. You shake off your social awkwardness, like snow falling off tree branches. Like a flower bud, you hesitantly open yourself up to the possibility of sharing your innermost thoughts, emotions, and feelings. It’s a difficult process, no doubt, for Winter’s grasp was a strong one. Once the ball starts rolling though, Spring has begun, and there is no chance of Winter coming back for a long while.

There’s a sense of excitement in the air, every time your phone vibrates, you hope that it’s a text from them. Every time it is, you feel tiny electric pulses run through your body and every time it isn’t, you let out a little sigh, and anxiously await their reply. Their flaws seem like cute quirks, their eyes seem like diamonds, and their smile seems to carry an electric current capable of lighting up an entire room full of light-bulbs.

Spring is only a stepping stone. A launching pad. It’s a nice time of year and all, (anything’s better than Winter) but it’s far from the Golden Period. That’s yet to come. Your emotionally starved-self pushes you to try to learn more about this person and develop something meaningful with them. You can’t help but think that this might just be the dawn of something dazzling. A start of something spectacular. A beginning of something brilliant.

Image Credit: Masakazu Matsumoto. Flickr. Creative Commons Generic 2.0