Opening scene, cut to a panoramic shot of a jungle teeming with life. Life in all of its raw, beautiful (and sometimes ugly) glory. Pan left to the introduction of our brave heroes.

David Fang, Keean Sarani, Victor Nechita and Dennis Fan.

Together they will tackle this jungle known as the “Internet” and hopefully, learn to  live in a symbiotic manner with the rest of the Internet’s citizens.

Fantastic metaphors aside, we here at Nerve Spark are absolutely stoked about what we have in store for you guys. We realize that there is a growing number of young adults who crave knowledge, knowledge in all of its various shapes and sizes. From the small issues like the new canoe shoes that J.Crew is rolling out to the larger news items such as Ukraine or Venezuela, our aim is to present knowledge in a manner that is both interesting, and informative. The primary medium through which we will be presenting this knowledge will be articles written by the four heroes previously mentioned.

Hold on to your seats and your recently digested food, ladies and gentlemen. Refrain from waving body limbs around and make sure that you are securely fastened. For Nerve Spark is a ride that will be simultaneously thrilling, stimulating and real.

We’re glad you’ve decided to join us on this epic journey.


—The Nerve Spark Team